Kent sharing in Fairbanks, Alaska.

More Than a Banquet Speaker...an Event Coach

Young Life staff and volunteers are often in need of more than just a speaker at an event; they are in need of someone to help guide them through the event. If this is true for you, ask Kent to help by working alongside of you as your personal Banquet (or Event) Coach.

Guiding Young Life staff for years on various fund-raising events, Kent is willing to walk through as much of the entire event process with you as you need. From Pre-Event to Post-Event, he enjoys utilizing his experience to enhance yours. By walking with you and your event team, Kent has the opportunity to tap into years of expertise whilst valuing your own knowledge and connection to your community.

Kent served us in more than just being our banquet speaker. He walked us through the entire process. His expert advice improved the flow, atmosphere, and impact of our night.
-Ashley Moon, Administrator, Spokane Valley Young Life


Banquet Coaching includes any or all of these, as your area's situtation deems necessary.

- Commit to a minimum of 3 meetings via FaceTime.
          (Unless Face-to-Face meetings are at all possible.)

- Availabile to you via Phone, E-Mail as well as Text.

- Help You and Your Team Fill the Room. (Which raises more funds.)

- Guidance for the Event: e.g. Flow for the Evening; Agenda

- Print Material Consultation: Programs, Response Cards, etc.

- Testimony Coaching.

- Aide AD with Formulating Area Update

Without Kent our Auction would be dull and lack the "wow" they deserve.
He knows how to work a room, and is extremely wise in thinking through how we can improve for next year!
-Trevor Ganz, Area Director, Laguna Young Life


If you so desire, Kent is available for any/all of these roles.

- Program/Walk-On (or Coaching your people)

- Keynote Presentation

- Financial Pitch (aka The Ask)

Kent was helpful and brought new ideas to the table while respecting our knowledge of our own community.

-Ashlee Grunenfelder, Wyldlife Coordinator, Lewis-Clark Valley Young Life


- Assist with Tear-Down

- Celebrate with You and Your Team

- Help Guide Your Plan for Follow-Up

His heart to serve. To do whatever will benefit the area. He is non-assumptive.
He does not have a "cookie cutter" approach or one-size-fits-all approach to the Young Life event and Young Life areas.
He understands that each Young Life area is unique as are its people.
His humility, heart and talent really set Kent apart. He is the ultimate banquet speaker, period.
- Susie West, Area Director, Auburn Young Life

Why Kent?  You get him for 2 days!

As long as your schedules mutually allow, Kent will arrive into your community the day before your event and spend two nights in your community.
By that time, he will already have connected with your staff on FaceTime, and
arriving early allows Kent more time to invest into your team. That time may be used for connection, encouragement, training, planning, prayer and just plain fun - whatever y'all need.

There are times where staying in a hotel is best for both parties, but whenever possible, Kent prefers to stay in the home of area staff or a committee member to aide in building relationships within your area.

Not just for banquets; he enjoys helping with auctions, tournaments and other fund-raising events. Kent has also had the opportunity to come to areas to help them re-think and/or re-tool their golf events. If this is something that might interest you, Please CLICK HERE to Contact Him.


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